Octane Motors - Christmas Card

Christmas Card - Octane Motors. Aero Comunicação. The client asked us to invent a different end of the year card, articulate, interactive, which take advantage also to present a car they had just brought into the shop window, a GR-T Nissan, white and beautiful. Inspired by the color of the car, I related it to the New Year's climate, that in Brazil, as in much of the world, is celebrated dress in white. I thought of a trick to turn the car color in red, to indicate Christmas. With a plate of transparent acetate, I could do the trick to pull the card, but soon remembered that Christmas is before the New Year. I spent a long time reversing the trick and got this result. By pulling the hinged blade, the car Nissan, which initially appears red, wishing Merry Christmas, presents white, desaturated, wishing a happy 2009.

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